Your Notebook, Your Way


Discover endless possibilities with 'Keep Up The Work' notebooks. Tailor-made for schools and universities, each notebook is a canvas for your creativity and brand identity.

Customization Options

Cover Design

  • Choose from a range of cover designs or submit your own. Incorporate your school’s logo, motto, or any other element that represents your institution’s spirit.
  • Photo Suggestion: A gallery of cover options including plain colors, patterns, and some with logos or emblems.

Size and Binding

    • Select the perfect size and binding for your needs. From handy A6 to full-size A4, and options like spiral, stitched, or ring-bound, we’ve got it all.
    • Photo Suggestion: Different sizes and binding types displayed side by side.

Paper Type:

    • Lined, grid, dotted, blank, or a combination – customize the paper to match your writing and drawing preferences.
    • Photo Suggestion: Close-ups of each paper type.

Additional Features

    • Add useful features like elastic band closures, ribbon bookmarks, or water-resistant pages for enhanced functionality.
    • Photo Suggestion: Notebooks showcasing these additional features.

Personalized Touch

  • Add a personal touch with a custom message, name, or year on the cover or inside the notebook.
  • Photo Suggestion: A notebook with a custom embossed message or name.
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